Imby Langenbach

Meet Imby Langenbach from KARMME

Imby, a big thanks for being a Saints sponsor again this season. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your family and your business?

My name is Imby Langenbach. I have thee daughters, 16, 15 & 13 years old. My husband, Dean and I with our girls moved from Perth to Sydney for 1 year, 11 years ago! We fell in love with Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and couldn’t believe we got to live near the beach. It still feels like we are on summer holidays most days. I own and operate KARMME ( pronounced calm, because that’s how creating makes me feel). I design leather handbags that are made in Redfern, Sydney by my amazing makers. The business focuses on producing beautiful, quality, simple, practical leather accessories to help you carry the things you need for your day to day or something beautiful to wear when you go out at night. I started KARMME 6 years ago when I didn’t want to carry a heavy hand bag on my shoulder anymore. I had recently had neck surgery and wanted to just have a small clutch to put my phone, keys, wallet and lip balm in. It has grown from a hobby to a full time business, thanks to many of our local community who have supported me for many years now. I love what I do, it barely feels like a job.

It’s Mother’s Day on May 9th. Do you have a special offer for the Saints?

I’d love to offer our Maroubra Saints Community 15% off any purchase of KARMME to celebrate Mother’s Day. I know Mums love a card and breakfast in bed but if you are looking for something else just pop ‘MAROUBRASAINTS’ in the coupon box until Friday 7th May. There is complimentary gift wrapping and express post or pick up from the studio in South Coogee.

When did you first become involved with the Maroubra Saints?

A funny story about when our third daughter was born, someone asked my husband if he was disappointed he didn’t have a son. He replied the wasn’t, and little did we know that fast forward 6 years we would be spending most of our weekend on the sidelines of an AFL field. Our youngest daughter Taya was adamant she was not playing netball, was not keen on the uniform, so we suggested she try AFL. There were no teams for girls her age then, so she joined Gerard Pignatelli’s boys team and played with them until under 12’s last year and subsequently the girls competition too. Gerard was instrumental in forming Taya’s love for footy, a true testament to how a coach can influence a child’s life. Our middle daughter Ava then joined and I started to manage the girls team, working with many coaches over the years. Dean, my husband is now the treasurer and we look forward to footy season with Maroubra Saints each year.

What prompted you to become a sponsor of the Saints?

I strongly believe that having kids involved in sport is crucial for their physical and mental wellbeing. I love seeing how the girls begin the season, not really sure, not knowing that many people and then by the end the camaraderie amongst the team and the friendships formed is so beautiful to see. Maroubra Saints provides a place to gather, a place to be accepted, challenged, have fun and learn discipline. I think it brings out the best in our teenagers, especially. It runs on the effort of so many people who volunteer their time. For all those reasons I will always support the club however I can.

What sports are your daughters playing this year?

Taya is playing in U14YG, Ava U16YG, Ruby our eldest doesn’t play AFL but dances. School sport in summer, waterpolo and touch footy.

How has your business, Karmme, been impacted by Covid 19?

When Covid first hit and we were in lockdown, no one was going out so no one was buying bags. It was pretty full on to go from sales to no sales so quickly. I spent the time creating new designs, rebranding and working on a new website. Slowly as people started to go out again people started to buy bags. I think the insecurity of jobs and loss of disposable income has affected KARMME but it showing signs of slowly getting back to preCovid levels in terms of sales. My supply chains were affected right in the beginning and now even I have to be much more organised with ordering leather from Italy, hardware from China due to severe freight delays. Being an Australian made, small production brand has definitely had its advantages though. I think people are looking closer to home to purchase and support smaller producers, which I very much appreciate.

What do you think makes a successful local community sports club?

The success of a local club depends on the commitment of the volunteers who run and organise it, the parents and carers who get their kids to training and the kids themselves who commit to show up, do their best and reap the rewards of friendships and skills they gain along the way. I think making the club accepting of all abilities, being welcoming to all families and being as fair a club as possible are the hallmark of a successful community sports club.

Growing up, did you play any junior sport. If so, what sports and what were some of the lessons you learnt?

I played Basketball and Netball growing up. I wish I had continued it on further into my teenage years as I can see how nice it is for my girls to have a friendship group outside of their school group.

Is there a standout memory or highlight from your own junior playing career?

Um no :)

Do you have any pre game messages you give to your daughters on game day?

Have you drunk enough water and eaten proper food?

Be careful

What about post game?

You had a great game

Do you have any thoughts or ideas for parents or families who might be considering becoming more involved with The Saints? Where should they start?

I’d say start by offering to do any of the jobs that need doing on game day or at training. If you like physical things, get involved in pre game warm ups, especially in the younger years, many hands make light work! If enjoy interacting with the players and you know a bit about footy, offer to be the runner for the coach. If you are good at organising, stick your hand up to manage the team. I have loved getting to know all the girls a bit more by being the manager, you get to see them grow in confidence & skill and its lovely to see. We have a great community, I think just being amongst it, sponsor if you can, offer your skills/services if you can, offer your time if you can.

Which footy team do you follow? Why?

No team! My Dad will kill me for not saying the Eagles and my kids will kill me for not saying the Swans!

Flat White, Long Black, Skinny Cap, Pepsi Max, Sav Blanc or Peroni?

Strong 3/4 latte thanks :)

Bacon and Egg roll, Sausage roll, Salad roll or Meat Pie?

Definitely hot chips over any of them.