Reddawn Family Photo

I know everyone at The Saints is excited about meeting our newest major sponsor. Simon and Tanya from Reddawn, Complete Security Solutions, have a long history with The Saints. In 2021 they became Major Sponsors of the club. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your family and your business?

We live at Little Bay, a blended family with 4 kids 18-5 yrs old, 2 dogs and one cat.  Reddawn, complete security solutions, is a family owned Security Company based in Matraville. We previously specialised in festivals & events. Now due to COVID we have moved more and excelled into the government sector.

What prompted you to come on board as major sponsors of the Saints this season?  

My oldest daughter Edie started at Saints U9s (over 9 years ago) with Pep and then Michael and now Ace is playing for the last couple of years. The club is exceptional not just to Edie & Ace but all the kids. This is something I have admired from a distance. This year Tanya and I decided its time to give back to the club

 How has your  business, Reddawn,  been impacted by Covid 19?

We are fortunate enough we have thrived at this time

 Where did you grow up?

Westies. From Baulkham Hills & Winston Hills

When did you first become involved with the Maroubra Saints?

Edie U9s over 9 years ago now Edie still plays AFL for UTS Bats now

What do you think makes a good local community sports club?

Community spirit and contributing from helping at the canteen to the BBQ to cheering them on win or loose

Growing up, did you play any junior sport. If so, what sports and what were some of the life lessons you learnt?

I played a-lot of rep sports made life long friends to this day. I learnt how to win and more important how to lose and grow from that lesson

Is there a standout memory or highlight from your own junior playing career?

Nope, too long ago now its the kids turn 😉

Do you have any pre game messages you give to your kids on game day?

1.Play your best

2.First to the ball

3.Help your team mates

What about post game?

First question after the game is always did you have fun ?

Do you have any thoughts or ideas for parents or families who might be considering becoming more involved with The Saints? Where should they start?

Its easy from helping with BBQ, canteen, lines person, manager, whatever suits their time & family and capabilities

Which footy team do you follow? Why? 

Swans just got to 🤣

Flat White, Long Black, Skinny Cap, Pepsi Max, Sav Blanc or Peroni?

Flat white full fat 1 sugar if the wife isn’t around. Wife needs the Sav Blanc to put up with me. 😊
Bacon and Egg roll, Sausage roll, Salad roll or Meat Pie?

All of the above, minus the salad roll, again only if the wife isn’t around. 😊