Coaches and Managers evening

The Club invites all Coaches and Team Managers to our Annual pre-season Coaches/Managers info night. Hear about all things Saints in season 2023, along with the inspiring ex-Wallaby Morgan Turinui as our guest speaker. Love to see everyone there!

Light refreshments provided.

Coogee Diggers – cnr Byron and Carr Sts Coogee

6pm for 6.30pm start


Please RSVP here:

Welcome to Auskick 2023 – 5 to 8 year olds

Dear AusKick Families,
Please allow me to wish you a very warm welcome (and welcome back to those retuning) to the Saints for season 2023! It’s not long before our budding little footy stars strap on the boots and have a bucket load of fun, because FUN is our number one goal here at the Saints!
If you’re receiving this email, it means you’ve made one of the best decisions you’ll make this year and you’ve signed your little superstar up for AusKick with the Saints. While there’s still a few weeks to go, this email will provide you with a quick overview of the AusKick programme and some key dates and information.
Firstly, please allow me to introduce myself to those who don’t know me. I’m Karl Schubert, the AusKick co-Coordinator for the Maroubra Saints. My eldest plays in the U10s and my youngest will be in the U6s this year. I’m into my fifth (or sixth, I’ve lost count) season as coordinator and it will be my final one! This means we’re on the hunt for a new coordinator! If you’re keen, please let me know. If you’re interested, let me know. If you are even the slightest bit curious as to what it entails… you guessed it, let me know! While I’ve had a blast helping to grow our AusKick programme, this year will be my last. To help out and make the transition to a new coordinator smooth, I am incredibly grateful to Leone Doyle, our amazing U7s manager/coach (who also does a whole bunch of other stuff around the club, including Youth Girls and more) who has agreed to co-coordinate with me this year!
Now that the formalities are done and I’ve announced my retirement come season’s end, it’s time to provide some key information to you.
Occurs every Wednesday between 1630-1730 (starting 29 March) at Heffron Park, on the back fields just off Jersey Road. For those that know the cricket nets and the scooter park… right near there! All you’ll need is sneakers or footy boots, water bottle and be ready to have some fun! Come winter, you’ll also need a good jacket!
Games are held on Saturday mornings either at Heffron Park (home games) or, Bat & Ball Oval, Jubilee Oval, Trumper Oval or Dave Phillips (away games). Game times are dependent upon your age group and can vary slightly between locations:
Under 5 & Under 6s – Games will begin around 0810 and run until 0850
Under 7s – Games will begin around 0905 and run until 0955
Under 8s – Games will begin around 1000 and finish around 1050
All games are non-competitive, non-contact and focused on having fun! After all, no one is getting brownlow votes, winning premierships or securing multi-million dollar contracts, so FUN is the reason we play! Once the AFL finalises the fixture it will be shared with you all.
Coaches & Managers:
Our Club is run by volunteers, which means none of our coaches or managers get paid to give their time. It’s why we are always so incredibly grateful to those who give of their time to help our kids love their footy and make lifelong memories and friends. This year we are incredibly lucky to again have some amazing coaches and managers returning, and for a second year running, an Under 5s coach in place before the season has started! However, we are on the hunt for an Under 5s Manager! So if you’re in the Under 5s… we need your help!
Over the next few weeks you’ll receive emails from your team manager introducing themselves and giving you more information on the season ahead. In the first instance, your team manager is your first port of call for any questions you might have, followed by your coach and then myself or Leone!
This year, I’m pleased to advise of the following coach/manager partnerships for our AusKick age groups.
Under 8s – Dave Ammon and Kristy Sutherland Taylor
Under 7s – Chris & Leone Doyle
Under 6s – Brendan Lynch and Lisa Johns
Under 5s – Phil Ryan and we’re still on the hunt for a manager!
SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION – While these are our coaches, the AusKick programme can only succeed with everyone’s buy in. Regardless of your footy background, knowledge or skill, our coaches will need your help to run drills. I speak from many years of experience when I say that the most fun kids will have at AusKick is when they see their parents joining in to help, even in the smallest of ways – like holding a tackle bag, or helping kids to run the right way around a relay/obstacle drill! So please, when it comes to training, don’t just sit on the sideline, ask the coach what they need and help toss a footy, hold a tackle bag or simply encourage and direct an obstacle race! Not only will the kids love it, the coaches will be incredibly thankful!
Key Dates:
Please put the following in your diaries!
Wed 29 Mar – First training session at Heffron Park, 1630-1730
Wed 5 Apr – Training at Heffron Park, 1630-1730
Wed 26 Apr – Training resumes post holidays at Heffron Park, 1630-1730
Sat 6 May (TBC) – Round 1 for AusKick matches
Once the full season schedule is confirmed we’ll be sure to pass it on to you!
I think that’s all for now. If you’ve got any questions before your managers get in touch, just shout out and I’ll be sure to let you know!
Karl Schubert

Maroubra Saints AusKick co-Coordinator
+61 409 396 514

Sponsorship Night – join us at Sugarcane Tuesday 14 March

Come join us on Tuesday 14th March to talk all things Saints, sponsorship and get an amazing dining experience.

Sponsoring the Saints makes a difference – we have over 450 families who directly benefit from our sponsors help.


Our AGM will be held on Wednesday the 16th November at the Juniors at Maroubra Junction. The meeting will commence at 7pm with some light refreshments from 6.15pm
All members are welcome to attend the AGM, if you are intending on coming along please let us know so that we are able to cater for you. Please RSVP to

We are currently on the look out for a couple of people to join our committee, please let us know if you are able to help out in any of the following roles:

  • Auskick Registrar – are you organised and able to spend a couple of hours a week in your own time, in comfort of your own home, looking after our Auskick registrations. We will train you up and support is available. Call Renee on 0410 555 255
  • Canteen – We are looking for a team of up to 5 people to manage the canteen this year, the processes and staff are in place to ensure smooth running, this role involves some of the following, ordering, opening up, pack down, rostering and general support. We have around 8 to 10 home rounds per year so the load will be shared amongst a number of people.  We need you!! Please reach out if you can help. Call Renee on 0410 555 255
  • General – if you are interested in joining our amazing committee in another capacity please call Renee on 0410 555 255

If your company is interested in sponsoring the Maroubra Saints next year, please email Steve at for more information.
We will be holding a sponsors evening early next year so stay tuned.

Maroubra Saints will be holding our first ladies lunch in March next year. If you would like to be involved in the organizing committee, please contact Renee or Camille.


Straight to the pool room with this beauty!!!  We have a fully Signed Sydney Swans Jersey up for grabs for one lucky winner.

Our on-line auction finishes on Saturday 24th September at 11am.  Just in time to collect your prize and wear with pride for the big game!!

Your chance to own a very special keepsake from an historic season, the year Buddy kicked his 1000th goal.  Swannies are grand finalists and it could be a Premiership winning year!!  We hope so!!

Enter your bid here:

It takes less than a minute to create a user name and bid.

Good luck!!!

Thank you to the Sydney Swans for the donation.

Laura plays her 200th game for Maroubra Saints!

Big shout out to Maroubra Saints player, Laura who has recently played her 200th game in the pre-lim finals! A massive achievement for Laura. Congrats on reaching this amazing milestone, we are so proud of you!

Check out her interview with the AFL NSW –

And Laura also appeared in the Daily Telegraph




Derek, a big thanks for becoming a new Saints sponsor this season.

 Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your family? 

[Derek] Yeah –  I am originally from Adelaide and grew up all over Australia including Adelaide, Perth and Sydney of course. Arriving in Sydney in 1978 as a young teenager there was virtually no AFL going on – it was very slim pickings! The arrival of the Swans and then three kids rehashed my interest in AFL and we joined the Swans straight away and have been part of that family for of 25 years. My daughter unfortunately missed out on playing AFL but once the boys were of playing age we signed them up with Maroubra Saints and they loved it. My daughter is now 25, and my sons Kai and Charlie are tuning 16 and 14 this year respectively. Kai is still playing for the mighty Saints under 17s and Charlie has retired after a productive career of about 3 seasons. I live in Coogee with my two boys full time, am part of the local Surf Club and play in a local Band called Loco’s. I am a market researcher by trade and have run my agency D&M Research for the past 27 years.

 What prompted you to come on board as sponsor of the Saints this season?  

[Derek] Well I have long thought about ways I could do more to support the game I love at a grass roots level. It just made sense this year to get involved with the boys getting older and Kai probably only having another 2 seasons in him before he joins an adult team. We totally love the club, its culture and the community and how it has thrived most recently with an awesome program for the girls. When we were invited to attend a Sponsor night well I guess we just wanted to get behind this and help out in a small way with a bit of financial support that we hope makes a small difference on the ground.

 And your business is D&M Research. How long ago did you start it and what type of market research do you do?  

[Derek] It’s been a long time, 27 years to be exact. I cut my teeth as a pollster at Newspoll Market research and then set up my own shop in 1994 at the tender age of 28. It’s been an absolute roller coaster ride through start-up, GFC and most recently Covid. But it’s been the best thing I have ever done and I am proud that the agency has done work for a variety of well-known clients and big brands including Red Bull, Fox Sports, Sony Music, Woolworths,  AMP, Cover-More, Lendlease and Pfizer to name a few. We have even had the pleasure of working on the AFL Fox Footy Channel when it launched helping Fox sports to get the direction and positioning right. Our work really is about helping clients make better decisions through evidence research thus our tag line Fuel for Brilliant Decisions. Anything from understanding the health of your brand, to which customers to target, to how to get customers to choose your brand to which ads to run – we can help with any of that and more

 Has your business been impacted by Covid 19?

[Derek] Indeed it has like most businesses we have been impacted by Covid. Initially when things kicked off business dried up almost overnight and then again every time there was a spike. But then businesses started realising that they need to trade and to do that they needed to still make informed decisions and that’s where we come back into the fold. There has also been a lot of covid related research as businesses try to understand how consumers behaviours have changed as a result of covid. It’s tough but it feels like things are starting to return to some sort of new normal.

Where did you grow up?

[Derek] As I hinted earlier I grew up all over Australia – born in Adelaide in the mid-sixties I first moved to Sydney in 1970 where I did a year of kindy, back to Adelaide the following year and then to Perth in 1972 where I competed primary school. I arrived back in the AFL dessert (that’s Sydney) in 1978 and went to school in Randwick and lived in Paddington – close to Trumper park which was a bit of an AFL Mecca in Sydney on those days (although the quality of the games was so much below that of what we were used to in WA and SA  – Go Norwood and West Perth!). So I guess I grew up everywhere but Sydney is my home.

When did you first become involved with the Maroubra Saints?

[Derek] We got involved about 5 years ago with my first son Charlie started in the under 8s and then Kai joined a few years later and is still at the club. Needless to say that quite a few canteen and BBQ duties and the odd goal and boundary umpiring! Kai won a Grand Final for the under 13s back in 2019 which was one of the greatest days in memory!

What do you think makes a successful local community sports club?

[Derek] Good culture which to me means inclusion and diversity, encouraging parents to get involved and kids of all abilities to participate, being visible in the community and making everyone feel welcome and part of something..

Growing up, did you play any junior sport. If so, what sports and what are some of the life lessons you learnt?

[Derek] I did I played Afl for five years in Perth for the mighty City Beach Saints – same strip as the Maroubra Saints – I always have had a soft spot for St Kilda as a result. I wasn’t much of a footballer but I always turned up to training and generally got a game each week and I had at least one cracker of a game where I kicked a couple from the backline so I guess I learned that you only get out what you put in and I’ve had a pretty good work ethic ever since

Do you have any pregame messages you give to your kids on game day?

[Derek] Pre-game I always talk to the kids about being first to the ball – If you can do that you’ve got options – easier said than done but ties in to fitness and reward for effort.

What about post game?

[Derek] Post-game I guess t really depends on the result – though always highlight the good stuff whether we won or lost – there’s always something to take away into the next week either way. Kids need to know that you see their effort and are really positive and proud of their impact.

Do you have any thoughts or ideas for parents or families who are considering becoming more involved with The Saints? Where should they start?

[Derek] Just turn up – it’s a great club with so many ways to contribute from helping at training to managing or coaching a team, being a runner, to being a goal or boundary umpire on the day. It can be a little daunting but before you know it you will be comfortable making a contribution that the kids will see and admire you for. And of course there’s always the BBQ and canteen if that’s your thing!

Which footy team do you follow? Why?

[Derek] Sydney Swans of course through and through – 25 + years as a member – when the Swans turned up AFL was back for me and we have supported them ever since through the good and the bad – being to 3 grand finals won one, lost two – just love their culture as a sports team and everything they do to make us all feel like one big family. So many unforgettable moments, 2005 Leo Barry’s Grand Final winning mark,  Plugger’s 1360 goal record, all my favourite greats like Kelly, Goodes, O‘Loughlin, Kirk , Bolton and so many more, the  2012 GF win, not to forget last Friday’s Buddy 1,000

Flat White, Long Black, Skinny Cap, Pepsi Max, Sav Blanc or Peroni? 

[Derek] Skinny Cap, Coke no sugar, Shiraz and a Furphy

Bacon and Egg roll, Sausage roll, Salad roll or Meat Pie?

[Derek] Meat Pie but it has to be chunky beef!

And finally. It’s the AFL Grand Final. You’ve taken the mark and are 30 metres out directly in front. The sirens gone and your team is 5 points behind. What’s going through your mind?

[Derek] Oh that’s easy – There’s glory out there – lets have some!


Derek Jones
Managing Director D&M / Partner Inside Story
Part of the D&M / Cognition Alliance

P: (02) 9565 2655

Maroubra Saints Tipping Comp 2022

Tipping is back! Exciting news for all registered Sainters! Details on how to register can be found below.
Please note this tipping comp is free to join for all ours Maroubra Saints members and families.

Enter as a whole family or as an individual!  Prizes awarded to our top tippers!!

We will run with the same theme as last year – please use a name that will show what age group the tipper belongs too (eg name: UPTHESWANS U14)

Who will win ultimate bragging rights?!