Updated 25th February 2021

Footy is almost upon us and the committee is excited for the season ahead. A lot of work has gone into planning for the 2021 season, and after meeting the challenges of 2020 head-on, we are confident that 2021 will be a year that allows us to reconnect, grow and celebrate together as we watch our young football stars run around once more.

As we are just weeks away from pre-season beginning, and with registrations rolling in, I wanted to provide you with an important update with regards to the Club’s playing up policy.

Over the past few months, the Committee has undertaken a wide-ranging review of all things admin, operations and football, to ensure we enter 2021 as a fun, strong, inclusive, supportive and community focused club. Part of this review looked at the Club’s playing up policy, which over the past few seasons has not truly allowed us to support the development of our players, age groups and club as a whole as best as we believe we could have.  It was agreed that to ensure we are providing players at all levels with the support they need to develop into the best players and people they can be, and that we as a club are continuing to grow and nurture the game at all levels, our playing up policy needed to be reviewed, amended and ‘re-launched’.

The below policy that I am sharing with you has been agreed to by the committee and will be supported in its implementation by four members from the committee as part of a Development sub-committee. The role of the Sub-Committee will be to ensure the policy is adhered to for the benefit of players, age groups and the club as a whole. Our objective with reviewing the policy and establishing a Development sub-committee to oversee its implementation is to ensure our players are playing in the right divisions and age groups that best suit their development, the development of their teammates and the future of the club.

I want to recognise and acknowledge that the review and ‘re-introduction’ of this policy may be uncomfortable for some, particularly those who may feel as though their child will be unfairly impacted by the implementation of the policy. I want to assure you that the committee has rigorously debated and discussed the development of the policy. However, we are in unanimous agreement that introducing the revised policy and the creation of the Sub-Committee will allow us to draw a much-needed line in the sand allowing us to truly support and develop players at all levels across the entire club.

I know change is never easy, but this change will not affect or alter who we are as a club, if anything we believe it will strengthen our core values and focus. We remain an inclusive, supportive and community focused Club that provides an opportunity for kids of all ages and abilities to play the wonderful game of AFL.

I look forward to seeing you all soon for pre-season and before we know it, games! We’ll keep our fingers and toes crossed, that the challenges of the past year are truly behind us and that we can again enjoy weekends at the footy watching our mighty Sainters in action.


Renee Beck

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