In this interview series, we introduce Saints members to our Sponsors.

Saints sponsors help our club in many ways, including; ground hire, purchasing equipment, paying umpires, keeping registration fees to a minimum and ensuring your children can train and play in a safe, healthy, fun environment every week.

Today we meet returning sponsor, Steve Herzberg from NRG Solutions.

Thanks for being a Saints sponsor again this season Steve. Can you tell us a little bit about your business, NRG Solutions and the types of clients you work with? 

NRG Solutions is a corporate training company. Michaela (my amazing wife) and I opened the business 15 years ago. We work with a range of clients, running programs on Leadership, Sales and Presentation Skills. I design and deliver the work and Michaela is our Operations Manager. Our clients come from a range of industries including Technology, Electrical, Haircare, Finance, Golf and Animal Health. Prior to 2020 we delivered most of our programs face to face. Since the pandemic started, we have moved all of our offerings to Video Conference/Online programs. We really had no choice.

Did you grow up in the Maroubra area?

No, I was born in England and moved to Perth, WA when I was 9. I moved to Sydney in the mid 1990’s, initially just for a look. I met my wife a few years later, and have called Sydney home now for 25 years.

What first  attracted you and your family to Maroubra Saints?

 A friend of mine told me his son had played at the Saints and loved it. Our son, Zac, had tried soccer and later basketball, and wanted to try something new. We said let’s try AFL. He loved it. He started as 6 year old and now is playing under 12’s.

 And what about your own family? Are you involved in different sports?

Our two teenage daughters, Emily and Nicola, play soccer, do reformer Pilates, go to the gym and are regular walkers . My wife, Michaela also does reformer Pilates and regularly does the coastal walk. She knows every second person in Coogee so when I walk with her, there’s a lot of stop and chats. I’ve been a member of Bonnie Doon golf club for the past 20 years and try and have a game once a week.

 How have you and your family coped with the pandemic and the delayed start to the season?

We’ve all been OK, thankfully. Zac can’t wait to start playing.

Growing up, did you play junior sport. If so, what were some of the life lessons you learnt?

I played a lot of junior cricket. I also played soccer up to under 15’s. I kept playing cricket into my adult life and was lucky enough to go on and play for WA and then Tasmania in the Sheffield Shield. Cricket taught me many lessons including; the team is more important than myself, taking responsibility for my own fitness and skills, resilience, adaptability and in order to stay sane, being able to laugh at myself.

Is there a standout memory or highlight of your own junior playing career?

In under 13’s we won a game of junior soccer 31-1. Our coach was slightly mad. We were up 18-0 at half time. He really got stuck in to us at half time saying we needed to apply ourselves more in the second half!

I’ll also never forget my first game of junior cricket, aged 9. The only thing we won that day was the toss. We were bowled out for 3. Yes, that’s not a misprint. 11 players made a total of 3 runs, one run was a no ball . Me and one other lad top scored with 1 run each!

Do you have any thoughts or ideas for parents  who might be considering becoming more involved with The Saints? Where should they start?

Great idea to get involved. The years go by quickly. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss the benefits of becoming a sponsor. You can become a Saints sponsor from just $250. The club runs on volunteers and without volunteers, we would have no club. If you would like to get more involved, a great starting point is to let your coach or manager know. They can point you in the right direction.

 Do you think it’s important for local business and local families to be involved with a community sporting club?

It’s critical. Community sport is the glue that holds our society together. You see fewer kids playing in the street these days and school sport tends to be quite exclusive. Community or club sport is a great way to meet other people in your area, form new friendships, on and off the field, all coming together through the medium of sport.

Which footy team do you follow? Why? 

Swans. Cheer cheer the read and the white. Love the song. Love the SCG. Love beating the Vics.

Flat White, Long Black, Skinny Cap, Sav Blanc or Peroni? 

Long Black before midday, Peroni after midday.

Bacon and Egg roll, Sausage roll, Salad roll or Meat Pie?

B and E with BBQ sauce. Soft wholemeal roll if available.

Do you have a pre-game message to your son?

Listen to your coach. Support your team mates. Get stuck in.

What about post game?

Great effort mate. Well played (if warranted). Let’s grab some B and E rolls before they run out.