Welcome to Auskick 2023 – 5 to 8 year olds

Dear AusKick Families,
Please allow me to wish you a very warm welcome (and welcome back to those retuning) to the Saints for season 2023! It’s not long before our budding little footy stars strap on the boots and have a bucket load of fun, because FUN is our number one goal here at the Saints!
If you’re receiving this email, it means you’ve made one of the best decisions you’ll make this year and you’ve signed your little superstar up for AusKick with the Saints. While there’s still a few weeks to go, this email will provide you with a quick overview of the AusKick programme and some key dates and information.
Firstly, please allow me to introduce myself to those who don’t know me. I’m Karl Schubert, the AusKick co-Coordinator for the Maroubra Saints. My eldest plays in the U10s and my youngest will be in the U6s this year. I’m into my fifth (or sixth, I’ve lost count) season as coordinator and it will be my final one! This means we’re on the hunt for a new coordinator! If you’re keen, please let me know. If you’re interested, let me know. If you are even the slightest bit curious as to what it entails… you guessed it, let me know! While I’ve had a blast helping to grow our AusKick programme, this year will be my last. To help out and make the transition to a new coordinator smooth, I am incredibly grateful to Leone Doyle, our amazing U7s manager/coach (who also does a whole bunch of other stuff around the club, including Youth Girls and more) who has agreed to co-coordinate with me this year!
Now that the formalities are done and I’ve announced my retirement come season’s end, it’s time to provide some key information to you.
Occurs every Wednesday between 1630-1730 (starting 29 March) at Heffron Park, on the back fields just off Jersey Road. For those that know the cricket nets and the scooter park… right near there! All you’ll need is sneakers or footy boots, water bottle and be ready to have some fun! Come winter, you’ll also need a good jacket!
Games are held on Saturday mornings either at Heffron Park (home games) or, Bat & Ball Oval, Jubilee Oval, Trumper Oval or Dave Phillips (away games). Game times are dependent upon your age group and can vary slightly between locations:
Under 5 & Under 6s – Games will begin around 0810 and run until 0850
Under 7s – Games will begin around 0905 and run until 0955
Under 8s – Games will begin around 1000 and finish around 1050
All games are non-competitive, non-contact and focused on having fun! After all, no one is getting brownlow votes, winning premierships or securing multi-million dollar contracts, so FUN is the reason we play! Once the AFL finalises the fixture it will be shared with you all.
Coaches & Managers:
Our Club is run by volunteers, which means none of our coaches or managers get paid to give their time. It’s why we are always so incredibly grateful to those who give of their time to help our kids love their footy and make lifelong memories and friends. This year we are incredibly lucky to again have some amazing coaches and managers returning, and for a second year running, an Under 5s coach in place before the season has started! However, we are on the hunt for an Under 5s Manager! So if you’re in the Under 5s… we need your help!
Over the next few weeks you’ll receive emails from your team manager introducing themselves and giving you more information on the season ahead. In the first instance, your team manager is your first port of call for any questions you might have, followed by your coach and then myself or Leone!
This year, I’m pleased to advise of the following coach/manager partnerships for our AusKick age groups.
Under 8s – Dave Ammon and Kristy Sutherland Taylor
Under 7s – Chris & Leone Doyle
Under 6s – Brendan Lynch and Lisa Johns
Under 5s – Phil Ryan and we’re still on the hunt for a manager!
SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION – While these are our coaches, the AusKick programme can only succeed with everyone’s buy in. Regardless of your footy background, knowledge or skill, our coaches will need your help to run drills. I speak from many years of experience when I say that the most fun kids will have at AusKick is when they see their parents joining in to help, even in the smallest of ways – like holding a tackle bag, or helping kids to run the right way around a relay/obstacle drill! So please, when it comes to training, don’t just sit on the sideline, ask the coach what they need and help toss a footy, hold a tackle bag or simply encourage and direct an obstacle race! Not only will the kids love it, the coaches will be incredibly thankful!
Key Dates:
Please put the following in your diaries!
Wed 29 Mar – First training session at Heffron Park, 1630-1730
Wed 5 Apr – Training at Heffron Park, 1630-1730
Wed 26 Apr – Training resumes post holidays at Heffron Park, 1630-1730
Sat 6 May (TBC) – Round 1 for AusKick matches
Once the full season schedule is confirmed we’ll be sure to pass it on to you!
I think that’s all for now. If you’ve got any questions before your managers get in touch, just shout out and I’ll be sure to let you know!
Karl Schubert

Maroubra Saints AusKick co-Coordinator
+61 409 396 514