Meet Sean – Advisor at Liberty Financial & Larrikin Saints Dad

In this interview series, we introduce Saints members to our Sponsors.

Saints sponsors help our club in many ways, including; ground hire, purchasing equipment, paying umpires, keeping registration fees to a minimum and ensuring your children can train and play in a safe, healthy, fun environment every week.

Today we meet a brand-new sponsor, Sean Oxborrow, from Liberty Financial Group


 Sean, how many years have you been involved with the Maroubra Saints?

This will be my 3rdseason

 What prompted your family to get involved  at the Saints?

We had quite a few family friends who already had kids the same age as ours playing for the saints and they persuaded us to come down. We thought that it sounded like a great culture and heard that it was very well organised.

 I understand you know one of the founders of Maroubra Saints. Can you tell us a little bit about him and how the club started?

His name was Greg Mc Donald and I grew up with his younger brother through the surf club. I had no idea that he use to play AFL  since his father was a mad Randwick Rugby fan. He started the Saints back in 2000 with  both of his sons playing. He wanted to develop a club that would provide an encouraging and fun environment while giving kids an alternative to the traditional winter sports. I think he succeeded.

Did you play AFL or any other team sports when you were a kid? Can you share any special memories with us?

I didn’t play AFL, I wish I did, but It simply wasn’t available. So I played both codes of Rugby instead.  My favourite memories was in the dressing room sheds at Waverly Oval singing the team song for Bondi United A Grade after a big win.

Your business, Liberty have come on board this season as a new sponsor. Tell us a little bit about who you assist and your role?

Essentially, I help anyone who needs finance , particularly if they are having difficulty obtaining what they want with their bank. I love assisting mum and dad investors or anyone who is self employed. I deal with over 2O lenders and my role is to navigate my clients through the cumbersome application process while ensuring they get the optimal outcome with minimum fuss. Right now my role has never been more important

What do you think makes a successful junior sporting club?

Having a large number of  kids registered and  spread evenly over all age groups with parents who are prepared to support  the club  when required.

Which footy team do you follow and why?

Swans.. simply because it’s a Sydney Team and I use to love watching Warrick Capper taking those incredible marks back in the 80’s

What’s your usual pre-game message to your kids?

Campbell who is 8, Take your chances when they arise and back your ability.

Flynn who is 6 , Smile, have fun and stop talking to the girls on the opposite team while the game is on.

 And post-game message?

If you tried your best today then you cant ask for anything more.

Long Black, Latte, Peroni, Sparkling Water or Skinny Cap?


Bacon and Egg roll, Sausage roll, Salad roll or Meat Pie?

Bacon and Egg roll

Finally, It’s the AFL Grand Final, last quarter. You’ve soared over the pack and taken a screamer. The crowd are going wild. The siren goes. You are 45 metres out directly in front. Your team is 5 points behind. What’s going through your mind as you go back to take the kick?

Wish I had of nailed that earlier goal attempt…