Meet Steven Chichester

In the first of our Sponsor Interview Series for season 2021, we chat with Steve Chichester, long term Saints family member, experienced coach and all round good guy.

Thanks for being a Saints sponsor again this season Steve. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your family  and your business?

 I played a lot of football over many years and coached at Maroubra for 10 years while my son Tom played. I coached at the Swans Academy for 6 years and have been coaching the UNSW u19s for the past 6 seasons.

I am a fabric supplier for the clothing industry and have been running for 12 years at SC8 Fabrics, selling to various Ladies Fashion Brands. With the world turning to more sustainable solutions I am now supplying organic cottons and importantly recycled plastics from landfill and ocean rubbish. We can make anything ranging from T-shirts to bags to curtains, all with the same feel as regular fabrics. This is from Waste2wear and you can see the full story on our website.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Brisbane and moved to Sydney at 19.

When did you first become involved with the Maroubra Saints?

Around 2003 or 2004 I think.

Has the club changed since you first became involved?

The club is always evolving. We moved to Pioneers for the older ages while I was coaching, which was a big change, and the numbers continue to grow. Its wonderful to see the club leading the way with the Girls teams, so many good sides and so much talent.

I’ve heard you do a lot of coaching with the Saints? What do you think are the three main attributes a successful footy coach needs?

It has to be enjoyable for the kids most importantly, if they are having a good time they will learn.

Structured training, plan sessions, keep it simple, lots of footies and not running drills too long. Also coach on the run, limited lectures.

All inclusive, every child wants to be a part of it no matter what level they are at, its your job as coach to help them enjoy playing.

Do you have a standard pre-game message to your players?

We are a team, every player is important.

What about post game?

Always find something good to say about the game, what did we do well. What can we learn. Find a funny moment to give them a laugh.

Growing up, did you play junior sport. If so, what sports and what were some of the life lessons you learnt?

I played Rugby League and Australian Football, I also ran. I learnt you always have more in the tank than you think.  You can be better with training and effort.  I learnt sport is a community engagement and some of these people may be friends for life.

Is there a standout memory or highlight from your own junior playing career?

 I played 11 losing Grand Finals before I won one. That win was sensational, however coaching the teams and seeing someone improve is always a thrill.

Do you have any thoughts or ideas for parents or families who might be considering becoming more involved with The Saints? Where should they start?

 To be involved in your child’s sport is a great chance to teach lessons about life. Be a community member, work the canteen, run the water etc.

It shows we all can be involved and enjoy the experience.

 Do you think it’s important for local business and local families to be involved with a community sporting club? 

Most definitely. It takes a village to raise a family and we all go through tough times so having help is wonderful.

Which footy team do you follow? Why? 

 I was always Swans but now we have some ex Maroubra players playing at Adelaide in Ben Davis and The Giants in Jack Buckley, I follow them as well.  Great to see another Saint make his debut this week in Errol Gulden.

Flat White, Long Black, Skinny Cap, Sav Blanc or Peroni? 

 Peroni and the Piccolo next morning.

Bacon and Egg roll, Sausage roll, Salad roll or Meat Pie?

All of the above, that’s what I miss most in the off season a good Saints BBQ.