Meet Daniela Galante-Gozzo, from Artlux – Mum and Sponsor

In this interview series, we introduce Saints members to our Sponsors.

Saints sponsors help our club in many ways, including; ground hire, purchasing equipment, paying umpires, keeping registration fees to a minimum and ensuring your children can train and play in a safe, healthy, fun environment every week.

Today we meet a brand-new sponsor, Daniela Galante-Gozzo, from Artlux


Daniela, how many years have you been involved with the Maroubra Saints?

We joined the Maroubra Saints 3 years ago.  This year our first son Leonardo plays under 8’s and our second son Raphael plays under 6’s. They are both very happy to play AFL, they love their coaches and the teammates.

What prompted your family to become involved  with the Saints?

When Leonardo started kindergarten we were looking for a team sport in our area and we ended up discovering the AFL sport and the amazing Maroubra Saints.

Tell us a little bit about your background. When did you come to Australia?

We are originally from Verona in the north of Italy, a famous historical city known for its beautiful monuments and surroundings, delicious wine and oil, the opera and “Romeo and Juliet”. We moved to Australia in 2008 looking for six months experience abroad. We felt in love with Australia and we are happily still leaving here!

Did you play any team sports when you were a child? Can you share any special memories with us?

I played volleyball for many years. In Italy this is the most popular team sport for girls. I loved it and I still remember the great time spent with my teammates during training and matches and outside the field. The emotions and the hard training I shared with my teammates is something that I will never forget and that still keep us friends after so many years.

Your business, Artlux have come on board this season as a new sponsor. Thank you for your support. Tell us a bit about your products, who you assist and your role at Artlux?

Artlux is an Australian lighting service supplier of high quality custom and standards gobos and projectors made in Italy. I founded Artlux following my great passion and extensive experience both in lighting and architecture. Using light and lighting projections I am focused to assist clients to maximize consumer engagement and entertain at the same time, leveraging a better overall experience at trade shows, business events and more.

Can you give some examples of how people and companies use your projectors and technology for special events?

Lighting projections allow to display words, logos, shapes, and patterns on a wall, floor, ceiling, or any other large flat space in a venue and use them for multiple applications such as advertising, events, weddings, architecture, branding and safety projections. Lighting and projection can maximize your visual display outcomes beyond anything you’ve seen before. Come and have a chat with me!

What do you think makes a successful junior sporting club?

A successful junior sporting club should offer safe environment where young players feel accepted for what they are and are part of a group where anyone has the chance to learn, improve and try to give the best without any judgments.  Especially children want to be part of a group and it’s important that the club give a positive message. The Saints are an example on this!

Do you follow an AFL team?

We are enthusiastic supporters of the Sydney Swans and we like to go to the stadium as much as we can, unfortunately there are only a few daytime matches.

What’s your usual pre-game message to your kids?

We remind them the positions in the field and how in every position they can contribute to make stronger the team game. It is very important when you play a team sport that anyone plays his role and contribute to the success of his team. We encourage them to try their best and to enjoy the game.

…And post-game message?

We talk about the game and how they think they played. We discuss with them what they did well and which are the areas of improvement for next time.

Long Black, Latte, Peroni, Sparkling Water or Skinny Cap?

Full cream cap with one spoon of sugar! This is how I like to spoil myself and commence my active day.

Bacon and Egg roll, Sausage roll, Salad roll or Meat Pie?

Bacon and Egg roll after the match is a must! Getting one and have a chat with the other parents after the match it’s a real joy.