TCA Electrical

Meet our new sponsor Tommy Angel from TCA Electrical

In this interview series, we introduce Saints members to our Sponsors.
Saints sponsors help our club in many ways, including; ground hire,
purchasing equipment, paying umpires, keeping registration fees to a
minimum and ensuring your children can train and play in a safe, healthy, fun
environment every week.
Today we meet a brand-new scoreboard sponsor, Tommy Angel, from TCA

Tommy, Welcome to The Saints. I understand you still play AFL. How many
years have you been playing?
[Tommy] Great to be onboard! Have been playing footy for 26 years since Auskick in 97!

Who do you currently play for?
[Tommy] Pennant Hills

Who has had the biggest influence on your footy career? Why?
[Tommy] Michael Cousens – An influential man with how he communicated to the group
– he was my first senior coach at an impressionable age – he always gave me
actionable feedback, and then followed on to give me guidance always around
footy, leadership and life in general.

Can you share any special memories from AFL or other sports you’ve played?
[Tommy] 2x Senior Flags 2015 & 2017
– 2015 able to knock off a team that has lost only 1x game throughout the
whole year
– 2017 able to come from 5th to win

What prompted you to get TCA Electrical involved with the Saints this season?
[Tommy] Our business is at a stage where we want to give back to the local community,
I know how important sponsorship is, especially at a junior level to keep the game strong for the next generation.

Your business, TCA Electrical have come on board this season as a new sponsor. Can you tell us a little bit about your company, your role, and the types of clients you work with?
[Tommy] TCA Electrical has been operating as a company for 6 or so years servicing mainly Sydney’s East, Inner West and Lower North Shore. We have a team of guys and gals who complete projects with builders in both the high residential and commercial spaces. We also have a team who complete all general service and maintenance aspects of electrical, looking after many local businesses, families/home owners and investors. It is a reputable service with a personable approach!

If Saints families or businesses want to find out more, how should they make contact?
[Tommy] They can call the office on 0491 058 829 and speak to Allie. Alternatively, send an email to or send us a message on instagram @tca_electrical

What do you think makes a successful junior sporting club?
[Tommy] Buy in from the parents to share the volunteer roles so the load is evenly spread. Smiling and laughter from the kids, but also asking for their feedback!

And a successful team?
[Tommy] Open, honest communication. A common goal and heaps of hard work

Which footy team do you follow and why?
Geelong, didn’t really have a strong following to any club – moved to Melbourne and then there were a few blokes at the footy club I got along with who went for Geelong. I like the idea of a more regional/country aspect to the footy club, I watched them beat the Pies in 2011 GF and have always been a huge fan of how Joel Selwood went about his footy.

Long Black, Latte, Skim Cap, Peroni, Sparkling Water or Powerade?
[Tommy] Carlton Draught off the wood

On game day: Bacon and Egg roll, Sausage roll, Salad roll or Meat Pie?
[Tommy] Salad Roll

Finally, It’s the AFL Grand Final, last quarter. You’ve soared over the pack and
taken a screamer. The crowd are going wild. The siren goes. You are 35 metres
out directly in front. Your team is 5 points behind. What’s going through your
mind as you go back to take the kick?
[Tommy] The unlimited amount of shouts from people in the coming weeks as we
celebrate the win.